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EOL - Wegner Ox Leather Arm Lounge Chair - RRP 799.99

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There’s no mistaking Hans Wegner’s Ox Chair. Its distinctive shape, its opulent all-leather covering and plush cushioning make it one of the world’s favourite chairs.

Product Description +

Our faithful reproduction of Wegenr’s Ox Chair makes quite a statement. Anyone seeing it for the first time will probably have one of three reactions… 1) They’ll want to sit in it – (a natural enough reaction when you see a chair this good). 2) They’ll want to take a closer look at the extraordinary design – the shaped chrome legs and the ox head cushioning are unique and hard to ignore. 3) They’ll probably want to know where you got it from. (You don’t have to tell them if you want to keep it a secret!)

Specification +

Stainless steel tubular frame

Cushioned Italian leather throughout


98 x 94 x 94 cm

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EOL - Wegner Ox Leather Arm Lounge Chair - RRP 799.99
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