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EOL - PH5 Pendant Henningsen Style Lamp - RRP 139.99

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Functional and stylish in equal measure, Poul Henningsen’s PH5 Pendant Lamp manages to make the link between classic lamp design and cutting edge new looks.

Product Description +

Why’s it called the PH5? Henningsen chose the name because the diameter of the top shade is 50 cm. What we love most about his design – and our faithful reproduction copies it exactly – is that makes a virtue of what it is. This isn’t a lamp that tries to look like something else; it’s a lamp that delights in looking like a lamp. He retained a look of the old gas lamp in his design, but brought it right up to date in – and it still looks just a stylish today.

Specification +

The PH5 is made from aluminium


40 x 50 x 50 cm

Lamp comes with 1.5 metres of cable

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EOL - PH5 Pendant Henningsen Style Lamp - RRP 139.99
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