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Designer Profile: Eero Aarnio

Posted on 06/22/2016

Designer Profile: Eero Aarnio

Here at Vertigo Interiors we are passionate about great design and making it accessible to as many people as possible through our high-quality, designer-inspired pieces.  In our pursuit to find the best designs that the world of designer furniture has to offer, we have got to know more and more about many of the 20th century’s most iconic designers. In our designer profile this month, we’re sharing a little of what we know about one of our favourite designers, Eero Aarnio

Born in Helsinki, Finland in 1932, Eero Aarnio is undoubtedly a designer that likes to play with shape, form and materials. With many of his designs becoming synonymous with sixties style, Aarnio’s designs can be viewed as both futuristic and retro.

As well as furniture, Aarnio has enjoyed a long career as both an interior and industrial designer, a graphic artist and a photographer and while Aarnio’s designs seek to challenge the conventional, his main priority is to create something that is ergonomically well-designed and comfortable to use.

The Ball chair, first designed in 1963, looks every bit the sixties icon, when first designed it was a breath of fresh air – looking fantastically futuristic. By today’s standards the Ball chair is wonderfully retro and of course, still incredibly comfortable! Thanks to its enclosed design, sound is minimised, making the Ball chair the perfect place to escape and relax.

Based on the same design principles, in 1968 Aarnio created the Bubble chair, a striking piece of design that captures the imagination and begs to be sat in.  Originally created by literally blowing a bubble of acrylic though a metal ring, the transparent Bubble chair allows light in and through, and because it is hung from the ceiling, it makes a fun addition to any space.

Aarnio’s joy of challenging what is possible with shape and form is perhaps best demonstrated in his striking design; the Parabel table. Boasting almost sculptural qualities, the Parabel makes an eye-catching addition to any room, with the tabletop seemingly ‘balancing’ on the shaped base. The great thing about the Parabel table is that it is still accessible to a modern audience, while it is certainly striking, it has a refinement and style about it that makes it perfect for modern living.

It is clear that Aarnio’s designs have a sense of fun, and this playful energy is certainly visible in The Pony, is it a toy? A seat? A decorative piece? In fact, it is all three, adding vibrancy and amusement to a space. Designed by Aarnio to be used by adults as an alternative to a chair, here at Vertigo Interiors, we have re-sized it to suit a younger audience and as such it makes a great addition to a bedroom or playroom.

Other Aarnio designs include the Tomato, a design based on three circles working together to create a low seat and the Screw tables; quirky, fun and iconic, they look like giant screws, part-screwed into the floor. Such is Aarnio’s significance to the world of design, his work can be found in museums such as V&A museum in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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