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Grab them while you can - 11 reasons you should buy replica Eames chairs before it’s too late.

Posted on 07/08/2016

Grab them while you can - 11 reasons you should buy replica Eames chairs before it’s too late.

Here's why yould buy Eames replica chairs before it's too late...


What’s happening?

Recently passed legislation has extended the period of copyright to which a design can be reproduced.

So what?

Instead of 25 years, copyright is now extended to 70 years following the designer/ artists’ death. Many of the 20th century’s most iconic designs, such as those by Eames, will not be reproducible until 2058.

What does this mean for homeowners looking to add style and charm to their homes with designer-inspired pieces?

Well, unfortunately it means that sourcing high-quality reproduction pieces that reflect the quality and design credentials of the originals could be difficult.

For those with their interior-design hearts set on the look of a designer piece, purchasing an original – sometimes at 10x the cost of a reproduction piece, may well be the only way to go.

So, what is the solution when mass-market furniture simply won’t do?

A great option is high-quality reproduction pieces, done well, a replica piece of furniture can be almost indistinguishable from the original, ensuring everyone can have a touch of designer style and character in their home or office.

However, if you love iconic furniture design but would prefer to avoid designer prices, act now, for changes to legislation means that the clock is ticking and that sourcing high-quality replica pieces may not be so easy in the future.

What’s so great about designer-inspired replica pieces anyway?

Available at a fraction of the cost of an original, reproduction pieces make designer furniture accessible to all.

By opting for a reproduction piece, such as a replica Eames chair, homeowners can not only get the look they want, but by choosing a piece of reproduction furniture from Vertigo Interiors, they can be reassured the furniture is of the highest quality standards.

Replica Eames-inspired furniture vs. official Eames chairs

When it comes to furnishing your home, you no doubt want to create a space that looks fantastic, oozes style and hey, if the end result makes your friends and family a little green with envy – all the better!

A great way to add a stylish twist to your interior is with designer pieces that add character and personality to your home, such as the furniture designed by iconic 20th century designers, Charles and Ray Eames.

Eames’ designs are synonymous with style and despite being decades old, their innovative approach to furniture design still stands the test of time. However, Eames’ sophistication doesn’t come cheap and assuming you can find an original that meets your requirements, it could set you back several thousands – putting them beyond the reach of most of us.

Here at Vertigo Interiors we supply a wide range of replica Eames-inspired furniture. Check out our comparison of 11 official Eames chairs v’s their Vertigo Interiors’ replicas…


Looking every bit as fresh and contemporary as it did back in 1948 when it was first designed, the DSW chair is sleek, stylish and above all – comfortable!


The blend of warm beech legs and smooth moulded plastic seat, just works, making it feel modern and inviting. While an official one will set you back almost six times as much, with a DSW inspired chair from Vertigo Interiors you get the best of both; original attention to detail at a price that suits.

Available in a range of colours, including black, white and a choice of zingy brights; the DSW style chair is at home pulled up to a desk or around a large kitchen table - the choice is yours.  


It can be hard to believe the DAX design is almost 60 years old and yet that is the beauty of Eames’ designs, they are of the time and yet move with the times too – quite an achievement.

While an original DAX can be yours for the sum of almost £250, a replica Eames DAX is a snip at just £49– meaning you can buy enough chairs to fill a dining table for the price of an official one!

And as the image shows above, thanks to Vertigo Interiors commitment to honouring the original design, the differences between the two are slight, you can find out more here.


Imagine the possibilities the RAR Rocker could bring – place it in the lounge for a relaxing place to sit while watching TV, stick it in the kids’ bedroom to encourage them to slow down and read a book or how about in the nursery to help with those middle of the night feeds?

Wherever you put the Eames RAR Rocker chair it will look great – that’s what great design does; it adds to every space.

Paying careful homage to the original, the Vertigo Interiors replica RAR Rocker is available in a choice of bold, playful colours as well as more muted tones that complement most schemes. The stylized chrome Eiffel tower legs and beech rockers add that uniquely Eames look.


A great choice for offices as well as homes, the DSR sums up all that is great about Eames’ designs – style and comfort! With an official DSR costing over £200, owning a slice of design style may well be out of the question for many budget-conscious homeowners.

Of course, the right price is just one aspect to choosing a piece of furniture, which is why you’ll be pleased to know that Vertigo Interiors’ replica Eames DSR chairs are not only available at just £49 but also manufactured to the highest standards using high quality materials and with attention paid to all those little details that make Eames’ designs so timeless.

Click here to find out more.


Like all great design, the DKR chair looks effortless, at first glance the simple wire back and seat pad gives the impression of minimalist style.

However, the DKR is more than the sum of its parts, the signature Eiffel tower legs add interest and the wire back (which offers excellent back support) lets light through, making the DKR great for small spaces. Both retro and modern, the DKR looks especially great in kitchens and offices.  


Originally made from fibre-glass, DSS chairs were the first industrially manufactured chairs and were designed to be a practical choice; offering both comfort and the ability to be neatly stored away when not in use.

These days the unrecyclable fibre-glass has been replaced with ridged dyed-through ABS, for a durable and comfy seat. A great choice for commercial settings such as offices and restaurants, a range of contemporary colours are available including bright orange, candy blue, sea foam and a choice of on-trend greys.  


The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is without doubt a statement piece, it shows you know great design when you see it and are serious about comfort. While the Lounge Chair and Ottoman is certainly very stylish, it is accessible too, it was designed to be loved; to be sat in, used for a daytime nap, a place to snack, read and relax.

While an official Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman will set you back over £6,000, a replica from Vertigo Interiors costs just a fraction and still offers the comfort and craftsmanship you expect. Available in a choice of sumptuous Italian leather and the option of rosewood or walnut veneer, make space for your new favourite chair.


Whichever room you need a chair for, consider the DAR, it looks equally at home pulled up to the dining table as it does an office desk – it is that versatile. With the iconic legs that are the calling card of Eames’ designs, the DAR offers a touch of retro-styling while still looking contemporary. As with all Eames’ designs the DAR is super-comfortable, after all it is a chair that has been designed for sitting, the fact that it looks great too is the genius of Eames. A range of bold and neutral colours are available as well as multi-buy discounts.


With its sculptural qualities, there is no doubt that the Eames La Chaise is a talking point, of course, this is an Eames design so it doesn’t just look good, it feels good too. Sit in it, lounge in it, take a nap in it; the La Chaise has been designed for comfort.

While at first the design is strikingly off-beat, it only takes a moment or two for those characteristically Eames qualities to come through; the moulded seat, the mix of chrome and wooden legs, it’s all there.

And with a La Chaise-inspired piece from Vertigo Interiors available for under £370, compared to over £5300 for an official piece, it is easy to add designer style to any space.


Fun, decorative and practical, the LCW chair is crafted to the highest standards and offers interesting detailing such as a tapered back and curves, setting it apart from other seats.

With official LCW chairs retailing at in-excess of £1000, getting seats for everybody could be expensive. However, the durable and well-crafted Eames-inspired version from Vertigo Interiors, is available at a much more affordable price point and with its warm tones and tactile charm, it is sure to look great in whichever room it finds a home.


Aesthetically pleasing, the Eames Ribbed High Back Office chair looks every bit the professional thanks to the rolls of padded support, polished chrome legs & arms and luxury black leather finish.

Designed to offer optimum back support, it is comfortable no matter how long your working day. As well as good for the back, an Eames-style Ribbed High Back Office chair from Vertigo Interiors is good for the wallet too!

Available for almost a quarter of the price of an official chair, the replica version still features the support and comfort you would expect from an Eames design, along with heavy duty castors and the ability to adjust the seat position, making it practical for everyday use.

Why Vertigo Interiors’ Eames-inspired chairs?

Here at Vertigo Interiors we understand that you have a choice when it comes to where to buy your furniture. We, of course, would love you to make the choice to source your replica furniture from us and here’s why you should:

We have committed over 25 years to getting our replica pieces just right, carefully examining every aspect of the originals to understand what makes them so great and to be sure we can capture this attention to detail.

As well as near as possible replicating the same processes as the original designers, we offer designer-inspired furniture in a range of colours and materials – in line with modern tastes and requirements.

As fans of the designers we reproduce, we are committed to ensuring the furniture we supply does justice to the originals and are confident that our replicas are fantastic quality and great value for money.

Still not sure?
Our customers give us a respectable 8.9/10 on the impartial Trustpilot, here’s what Suzi C had to say:

“I would not consider going anywhere else for modern, mid-century furniture as my experience with Vertigo has convinced me to stay with this company.”

And Leah Sha

“We found a wonderful Eames rocking chair at Vertigo’s online shop. This was our very first Mid-Century modern furniture.

We have just received our bar stools Inspired by designs of Harry Bertoia. Quite excited about the style and quality. Great collection and value. We will shop again!”

And here’s a review from Annabel,

“We have ordered twice so far! They were prompt in responding to our questions about lead times and products. Our 6 Eames chairs for our home and 2 management chairs for our office arrived quite fast!

The chairs are as described, very good quality and just like the pictures you see. I am satisfied with my purchase. I will continue buying from Vertigo.”

The bottom line?

If you want to add a touch of designer styling to your home (or office) yet would like to avoid the designer price tag, with the upcoming legal changes to copyright law, replica furniture may well soon become scarce, making now the right time to purchase high-quality replica pieces.

Matching the original as closely as possible in terms of materials and production techniques, Vertigo Interiors’ range of Eames-inspired furniture includes everything you need to create the interior space of your dreams. To order, call the team on 01509 236 206.